Rosario Dawson Moves Divorced Parents Into Her New House Amid Dad's Cancer Battle

The 'Sin City' actress has bought a family compound in New York so that she could live with mom and dad as the patriarch underwent treatment amid cancer battle.

AceShowbiz - Rosario Dawson is sharing her upstate New York compound with her divorced parents - and she can't get enough of the unusual living arrangement.

The actress bought the sprawling estate when her dad, Greg, was diagnosed with cancer, because she thought staying close to family members would keep up his spirits.

And the impulsive purchase turned out to be "the best thing."

"I got a compound," the star smiles on "Live with Kelly and Ryan", "and my divorced parents are on opposite sides of the compound."

"I started off this quarantine in the same house with them both and can I just tell you, I'm just really proud of us that we're all still alive today."

"I got the place upstate because my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we'd been talking about this compound idea forever. And it was like an aspirational thing to get him through his chemo (treatment) and get him through his surgery."

"Then the pandemic hit and it ended up being the greatest thing ever 'cause now I have a bunch of my family living up there and the kids are up there running around and able to have some space."

And it's not just Rosario's family members who are enjoying the wide open spaces.

"(There are) deer and bear and wild turkey (sic)," the "Lego Batman Movie" star adds. "It's great."

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