Alexis Skyy Accuses Alleged Ex-Employee of Clout Chasing Following Complaints

A woman, who claims that she used to work at a Long Island salon owned by the TV star, also shares in a TikTok video that that she was being paid below minimum wage.

AceShowbiz - Alexis Skyy has broken her silence after an alleged ex-employee claimed that she was being paid below minimum wage and her last paycheck bounced. In response to the accusations, Alexis took to her Instagram account to blast the ex-employee.

On Wednesday, October 13, Alexis wrote a lengthy message on Instagram Story, "Mentally I just can't take this no more." She added, "I don't want no one working for me ever again truthfully I hire people to handle things for me because I have a million things going on in a day man, & when s**t happen obv who it's falls on me. ! Yes it's my buisness but what is the point of me paying people to run stuff."

Accusing her of clout-chasing, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star continued, "People want clout !!! & attention like y'all can have your one day of fame go head !"

Her post arrived after a woman claimed in a TikTok video that she used to work at a Long Island salon owned by Alexis for two months. However, when she tried cashing her paycheck, it bounced. "Unfortunately for me, I had the great experience, amazing experience, working at place called Lux Salon that is owned by Alexis Skyy," she shared.

The manager allegedly explained to her that "Alexis Skyy didn't put money in the bank account of the business so she told me to come back the next day." She later returned for her check and tried to deposit it, but the ex-employee said that it bounced and it was taken out of her account. Not stopping that, she claimed that Alexis blocked her on Instagram when she reached out to her regarding the matter.

"I do not know the current status of the salon if it's still running, if it's still open or not," she continued. She revealed that the last time she heard of the location, it was closing. Calling working at the salon "the worst job I've ever had in my whole entire life," the woman went on to share that she quit the job at the salon because the pay was below the minimum wage.

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