Lil Durk Affiliates Arrested and Charged in FBG Duck Murder

C-Thang, Muwop and DQ are reportedly among five people who have been arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of the Chicago rapper back in August 2020.

AceShowbiz - FBG Duck and his family are closer to getting justice they deserve in the aftermath of his shooting. On Wednesday, October 13, more than a year after the incident that took the life of the Chicago rapper, five men were arrested in connection to the shooting.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Illinois said the five suspects are members of the O-Block street gang. They are Marcus Smart a.k.a. Muwop, 22, Charles Liggins a.k.a. C Murda, 30, Kenneth Robertson a.k.a. Kenny Mac, 28, Tacarlos Offered, 30, and Christopher Thomas a.k.a. C-Thang, 22.

"The reason that this is charged federally is that we were able to establish evidence that there was a racketeering enterprise here that was involved and this murder was done in furtherance of that," said Northern District of Illinois U.S. Attorney John Lausch. According to the indictment, feds believe C Murda murdered FBG Duck to increase his ranking within the O-Block.

Three of them were taken into custody near 63rd Street and King Drive. A fourth suspect was located elsewhere while a fifth person was picked up by state authorities. They were all charged on firearm violations and murder in the aid of racketeering and appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon. If convicted, the suspects could face a minimum sentence of life in federal prison.

FBG Duck's mom LaSheena Weekly got emotional as she reacted to the arrest. "When you just trust in God and and be patient, everything falls in place," she said, according to ABC7 Chicago.

LaSheena also turned on her Instagram Live to celebrate the news. "Muwop, C-Thang, whatever the f**k they call 'em, I was told that I could say it," she said during the livestream. "Them people promised me I would hear about my son's killers before the internet. So y'all heard it from me first, they got they a**."

At least three of the arrested suspects, C-Thang, Muwop and DQ, are known to be affiliated with Lil Durk, who had beef with FBG Duck. It is believed that FBG Duck's diss song "Dead B***hes" intensified the feud between the two and led to his murder.

FBG Duck passed away on August 4, 2020 after he was shot at in Chicago. He was reportedly shopping for a birthday present for his son when he was cut down in a mob-style attack.

Zell, another person connected to Lil Durk, was reportedly also present for the murder of FBG Duck, but he passed away earlier this year by suicide.

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