Jayda Cheaves Reacts to Complaints Regarding Her Waydamin Merch

In a viral TikTok post, a young female fan is seen wearing a set from the social media influencer's Waydamin and feels disappointed that the all-white matching outfit which she buys doesn't meet her expectation.

AceShowbiz - Jayda Cheaves responded to a TikTok video about a costumer complaining about her merchandise. Taking to her Instagram account, the social media influencer weighed in on the backlash she received after the video of the unhappy customer went viral.

"The route y'all go to tear a business down is beyond me," Jayda began her post on Wednesday, October 13. "But it's cool. The good most definitely outweighs the bad. And most of my customers are 100% satisfied & speak very highly of the quality we offer."

"Everything is not for everybody & i sell exactly what I've been promoting since the first time i mentioned my new line," so she added.

Jayda continued that she welcomed any feedback from her customers. "im loving all the feedback and taking you guys constructive criticism," she shared, before teasing that she will be releasing new products soon with better service. "New drop coming soon! We're only getting better."

In the said viral video, a young female fan was seen wearing a set from Jayda's Waydamin. While the fan said that she wanted to support Jayda by purchasing her merchandise, she could not help but feel disappointed that the all-white matching outfit which she bought didn't meet her expectation.

She noted in her video that the pants were too short. She also said that the fabric was too transparent that people could see the outlines of layered fabrics, including the pockets. Further making her pissed, she could not even return the clothes because of the company's policies.

Thankfully, in a follow-up post, the fan revealed that the company eventually "contacted me [so] I am now able to return it." She added, "I guess this was an exception to the no return policy."

In response to the whole thing, fans appeared to be not happy with how Jayda reacted to the complaints. "She didn't even say nothing to tear you down. She gave an HONEST review," one person wrote in an Instagram comment. "She just did a review on the clothes ….. how's that …. Nvm," someone else echoed the sentiment.

"but the girl never once disrespected her she had a right to leave a review not all reviews are gonna be good so you juss can't expect ONLY GOOD REVIEWS," another person opined. Some others criticized the no return policy with one saying, "AS THEY SHOULD! Hate those no return policies for the cheap stuff!"

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