Rapper FBG Duck Is Shot Dead, Footage Shows Cops Barely Helping Him After Incident

The 'Exposing Me Remix' rapper was among the three people who got shot in East Oak Street, sustaining multiple shots to his torso and losing a lot of blood.

AceShowbiz - Hip-hop world is in mourning. Rapper FBG Duck has passed away after a drive-by shooting incident in his hometown of Chicago on Tuesday evening, August 4. Daniel O'Shea, Deputy Chief for the Chicago Police Department confirmed the shooting during a press conference, stating that three people were shot.

Explaining details of the shooting, O'Shea revealed that the incident took place in East Oak Street, where four individuals exited two vehicles and began firing at individuals that were outside of one of the stores. Duck was among those who got shot and was rushed to Northwestern Hospital, where he was pronounced dead after sustaining multiple shots to his torso and losing a lot of blood.

Footage of the aftermath of the incident has also made its way round online, showing Duck on the ground as a man tried to help him. People who watched the video could not help but fume because there were a lot of cops passing by, but none of them assisted him with medical support. "BRO why the f**k did the cops just stand there whilst FGB Duck was dying…," one person said.

"Rip duck. His music was dope. I was online and someone sent me the footage. Cops didn't even assist him with medical support. Just left our n***a for dead. F**k the police, F**k 2020 and RIP FBG DUCK," one other said. "A Chicago rapper fbg duck was shot and killed. I watched a video of cops not even helping then man and yet people dont see a problem with h** a** police. Rip duck Chicago Legend," another commented.

Politician Ja'Mal Green also gave his two cents, "Police neglected to offer basic medical aid to FBG Duck and I’m sure their excuse is going to be 'Covid'. He laid there needing help and it took way too long for him to get help. How many black men and women die because of time everyday after being shot? SICKENING!"

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