Dave Chappelle Slams DaBaby Cancellation Over Homophobic Remarks, but Not for Killing a Man
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In his Netflix special 'The Closer', the Mark Twain Prize recipient questions the scrutiny over the 'Suge' rapper's controversial comments on LGBTQ+ while he managed to get away after fatally shooting a man.

AceShowbiz - Dave Chappelle might be a little late to weigh in on DaBaby's homophobic remarks, but he has brought in a fresh and strong argument. In his comedy special "The Closer", which was recently released on Netflix, the comedian slammed the rapper cancellation over his controversial comments on the LGBTQ+ community, while he managed to get away after killing a man in 2018.

In the special, Dave opened his joke about DaBaby cancellation by saying that he attempted "to negotiate the release of DaBaby." He began, "All the questions you might have had about all these jokes I've said in the last few years, I hope to answer tonight. And I'd like to start by addressing the [LGBTQ] community directly. I want every member of that community to know that I come here tonight in peace and I hope to negotiate the release of DaBaby."

Revealing the darker history of the Grammy Award-nominated artist, Dave said, "A lot of the LGBTQ community doesn't know DaBaby's history. He's a wild guy. He once shot a n****r and killed him. In Walmart. Oh, this is true. Google it. Nothing bad happened to his career…"

As the audience erupted with laughter, the 48-year-old funnyman added, "Do you see where I'm going with this? In our country, you can shoot and kill a n****r, but you better not hurt a gay person's feelings!"

Dave himself has had his own share of offending the LGBTQ+ community with his jokes. Addressing this, he declared in the special that he'll no longer make jokes at the expense of the community "until we are both sure that we are laughing together."

DaBaby admitted to fatally shooting a 19-year-old man at a Walmart in North Carolina in 2018. He claimed he acted in self-defense. He pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon, a misdemeanor, and the most serious charges were dropped in March 2019.

As for his homophobic remarks, the "Rockstar" hitmaker told the audience at Rolling Loud in Miami back in July, "If you didn't show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexual transmitted diseases that'll make you die in two to three weeks, put your cell phone light in the air. Ladies, if your pussy smells like water, put a cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain't suckin' d**k in the parking lot, put your cell phone lights in the air."

DaBaby has apologized twice for it, but he was still dropped from several music festivals, including Governors Ball and Lollapalooza. Dua Lipa additionally removed him from the "Levitate (Remix)".

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