Jordana Brewster 'Really Excited' Over Wedding Planning After Mason Morfit Engagement

When attending the 2021 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic at Will Rogers State Historic Park, California, the 'F9' actress shares that she is 'starting to plan' her wedding and 'going to really savor each step.'

AceShowbiz - Jordana Brewster is getting closer to walking down the aisle. A few weeks after getting engaged to her now-fiancee Mason Morfit, the "F9" actress revealed that she's "really excited" about planning her wedding.

When attending the 2021 Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic held at Will Rogers State Historic Park on Saturday, October 2 in Pacific Palisades, California, the 41-year-old actress told PEOPLE about her "exciting" wedding planning. "It feels really exciting. I'm starting to plan and I'm going to take it really slowly and I'm going to really savor each step," she shared.

Jordana went on to note, "I'm actually going to have an engagement party and I have a Pinterest for the dress and I'm doing all the girly girly stuff I never did." The former star of "Lethal Weapon" then expressed her feelings, "So I'm really excited."

Jordana announced her engagement in mid-September. At the time, the "Dallas" alum shared the happy news on her Instagram account, as she posted a snap of herself and her husband-to-be smiling widely. "JB soon to be JBM," she captioned the picture, in which a pretty ring could be seen on her left hand.

In an essay for America's Glamour magazine published in June, Jordana admitted that she was "already planning my second wedding in [her] head" as things were going so well with Mason. "I still speed up sometimes," she wrote. "I'm already planning my second wedding in my head. But I stop myself when I get that rushed, buzzy feeling. I stop. I breathe. I write. Mason also calls me on it, which is helpful. I found it. I found him. I can slow down. And I do."

"Ultimately my divorce wasn't my fault or my ex-husband's fault. At 27, I was not ready to be emotionally open or vulnerable. I wasn't ready to really let someone in," Jordana elaborated. "At 40, I cracked myself open and put it all on the line. With that came the collateral damage of my first marriage, but by risking it all I gained the love of my life."

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