Hugh Jackman Reacts to Daniel Craig Against Him as James Bond

In an interview to promote his new movie 'No Time to Die', the seventh Bond depicter in the film franchise interjects when a presenter brings up the 'Logan' star's name in discussion about his potential successor.

AceShowbiz - Hugh Jackman doesn't get Daniel Craig's support to be the next James Bond. With the "Knives Out" star about to hang up his bowtie following his fifth 007 movie, the Aussie hunk has again surfaced as a potential depicter of the flamboyant spy. The British actor, however, has shut down the idea of "The Greatest Showman" star replacing him in the next installment of the spy film series.

In a new interview to promote the long-awaited "No Time to Die", television presenter Lorraine Kelly brought up the search for the new Bond. When the interviewer began to mention advice that Jackman had given him, Craig apparently sensed where Kelly was going with her statement and quickly interjected that the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" actor would not be taking the role.

"He's not going to be it," the 53-year-old actor deadpanned before Kelly even got to ask the question, prompting her to break into laughter. "Over my dead body," he jokingly added with a smile.

Jackman caught wind of the interview and didn't wait too long to share his response. Showing that he has no hard feelings despite Craig's opposition, the 52-year-old wrote along with a clip of the interview, "Well … that kills that rumor! Daniel, mate, you will always be @007 to me. #notimetodie. I'm IN."

Jackman was touted to play Bond as a potential replacement for Pierce Brosnan before Craig took over the role. Back in 2011, he revealed to the British Press Association, "I got a call from my agent saying, 'There is some possible interest in you for Bond, are you interested?' "

On why he turned down the opportunity of a lifetime, he explained, "At the time I wasn't. I was about to shoot 'X-Men 2' and Wolverine had become this thing in my life and I didn't want to be doing two such iconic characters at once."

Jackman, however, admitted that it will always be his dream to play Bond. "I mean, who wouldn't want to play James Bond?" he said. "I've always wanted to be 007. He's the only British superhero." He added, "I think every male at some point thinks about playing James Bond so it was not right then, but it may be right if it comes back."

Having led an action film franchise earlier before Craig, Jackman shared his know-how with the "Logan Lucky" star as the latter struggled to play Bond. When the attention from the job began to impact his personal life, Craig said Jackman helped him "to come to terms with it and appreciate it."

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