Megan Thee Stallion Defends Herself After Being Mocked Over Nike Ad

Of the ad, which sees the Houston star meditating and promoting mindfulness in the ad, one hater writes, 'Stop following celebrities who speak of 'Mindfulness' and 'Vibes' constantly.'

AceShowbiz - Megan Thee Stallion recently starred in an advertisement for Nike. While it's an accomplishment, not all people were apparently a fan of the ad as someone took to Twitter to make fun of the Hot Girl Summer.

Of the ad, which saw the Houston star meditating and promoting mindfulness in the ad, a person wrote on the blue bird app, "Stop following celebrities who speak of 'Mindfulness' and 'Vibes' constantly." The user added, "It's all a facade, especially considering their own musics frequency is in the gutter. See through the Bulls**t. Practice Discernment and Most importantly stop being so easily mislead!"

In follow-up tweets, the person added, Use of profanity during mediation and random noises. Who on earth can meditate to that? Recognise meditation IS NO GAME. Learn about the True Origin of Meditation. This New Age rubbish will be your demise if you aren't careful. But as I said do as you will & do as you please. I careless for your thought pieces on the matter."

It didn't take long before Megan caught wind of the posts. Defending herself, the "WAP" hitmaker fired back, "Constantly? The message of the video is although you might be going through a hard time it won't last long… Y'all so fake woke on this app it's ridiculous."

"Idgaf how YOU feel abt my music it's obviously making SOMEONE feel good abt themselves," Meg continued. The raptress added in a separate tweet, "Stop talking abt people you don't know… stop worrying abt s**t that don't have s**t to do with you … stop talking abt s**t you don't like stop talking to people you don't want a response from… like duh."

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