Fans Think August Alsina Is Dying as He Hints at Retirement

People are quick to speculate that the 'Entanglements' singer's post is more than just about music as some point out at his health issue and others think it's a 'cry for help.'

AceShowbiz - August Alsina has been largely out of the spotlight since news of his entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith broke the Internet. Now he's back on headlines, but it's not entirely good news for fans of the R&B/hip-hop star.

The 29-year-old hinted at his retirement from music while previewing new song on Instagram on Monday, September 20. Making use of his account on the photo-sharing platform, the "No Love" hitmaker treated his followers to a preview of his new music by sharing a clip of him moving to the song which played on the background.

In the caption, however, he alluded to retirement as writing, "To all the loved 1's who support me; These last couple projects are likely to be the last you see/hear of August Alsina." He added, "W/ that said, it is my hope that we can enjoy each other while I'm here, on my last victory lap around the sun. I'll strive to make it as nostalgic as possible for you w/ beautiful tunes & high vibes . With great love, always. -AA."

Reading between the lines, fans were speculating that his post was more than just about music as they were concerned about his health and mental state. "I hope all is okay with him but the 'last victory lap around the sun' part is very concerning," one person pointed out the disturbing part of his statement. "He's been battling some major health issues for quite some time now and I hope his health isn't deteriorating further. Best wishes to him."

Another similarly noted, "Damn, I hope it's just retirement and not health related. I really have a soft spot for him, especially after the docuseries he did last year. I hope he's in good health & spirits." A third echoed the sentiment, "He's doesnt sound okay. This is heartbreaking and so sad. Prayers to him and anyone else with lifelong conditions they can't shake."

Expressing the same concern, a fourth fan wrote, "I know his health condition is hereditary and he's been out more seemingly well and keeping up his immunotherapy. Im hoping he's well and pushing through. I can take him retiring from music, not his health deteriorating. He's got so much life since he's been welcoming healing. He's truly had enough suffering."

Another, meanwhile, said it sounded like "an obvious cry for help." Another concerned fan reacted, "Sounds very concerning, he is such a troubled soul. Hope people around him have reached out." Someone else agreed, adding, "Yeah, his post sounds like he's going to harm himself. I really hope that's not the case and people have contacted him."

August has not clarified the message he wanted to send with the post.

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