Ari Fletcher Doesn't Need Haters to Pray for Her Despite 'Serious Health Issues'

After pleading with her fans to pray for her amid her illness, the social media personality insists that her attitude has not changed towards her enemies and she doesn't need their sympathy.

AceShowbiz - Ari Fletcher isn't ready to wave a white flag with her enemies though she is currently in a tough battle. When informing her followers that she is dealing with a serious health issue and needs their prayers, she made sure her haters know that she wasn't talking to them.

Ari took to Twitter on Wednesday, September 15 to break the news. "I'm going through the worst pain and I don't have no help. I need a in house nurse," she began writing in a series of tweets. "So much I wanna say..."

"I'm not okay at the moment," the entrepreneur admitted. "I have serious health issues going on right now. I'm in pain and I'm down. I will be okay tho. Coming out strong like always! Pray for me, love y'all so much!"

Getting petty, Ari later added in a separate tweet addressed to her enemies, "If I ever called you broke or called you a crate climbing a** bi***h I was not talking to you when I asked for a prayer." She stressed, "I'm sick, that don't mean my personality changed. Don't get it confused, stupid. Talking about 'not you need our broke a** prayers' babe, don't flatter yourself. I was not talking to you!"

Ari didn't specify what her illness is, but one person has sent support for her. "I'm praying for her anyway God got her she'll be okay," the said fan commented.

Some others, meanwhile, advised Ari to humble herself. "And that's why she going thru s**t. She need to humble herself," one person told the 26-year-old model. Another remarked, "She just always gives off negative energy smh how are you sick but still keyboard thuggin make it make sense!"

"When I am having serious health issues I don't have the energy to be arguing with people or reading comments," a third critic claimed. Someone else echoed the sentiment as saying, "How are you ill, asking for prayers but still being nasty to people? I can't."

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