Britt Ekland Finds Idea of James Bond Being a Father 'Absolutely Dreadful'

The Mary Goodnight in 'The Man with the Golden Gun' admits to being left horrified at the plans for the suave, super spy becoming a doting father to Mathilde in new 007 movie 'No Time To Die'.

AceShowbiz - Britt Ekland has slammed plans for James Bond to become a dad. The former Bond girl admitted she is horrified at the idea of the fictional, suave, super spy becoming a doting father to Mathilde, his daughter with love interest Dr Madeleine Swann, in new 007 movie "No Time To Die".

Writing in the Daily Mail newspaper, she said, "James Bond is many things, but a father? What an absolutely dreadful idea. Unthinkable, really. How would that even work? Can you imagine him swinging from a helicopter, skiing down a mountainside, rescuing a beautiful girl from being crushed under a car, then heading home to put on his sweatpants and do bath-time?"

"The whole idea is hideous and to even start imagining the sort of father Bond would be is to head down a route we should avoid."

Britt, 78 - who starred as Mary Goodnight in 1974 James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun" - added that fatherhood would "not be a good look" for Bond, played by Daniel Craig.

She penned, "For a plot involving a child of Bond's to work, he'd either have to be a terrible father, which would not be a good look for our greatest screen hero, or a hands-on dad. I can't decide which option would be more catastrophic."

"There are such high expectations about the new Bond film because it has been delayed for so long, but personally, if I look up at that enormous screen and see James Bond pushing a stroller with a child in it I will shout: 'What?!' "

"The whole idea is quite ridiculous, but it's obviously just another example of trying to bring Bond 'up to date' in some way. We seem to be living in a period where everything has to be made palatable for a modern audience. Well, you can't do that with Shakespeare or with Ibsen, and you can't with Bond either."

"James Bond has to be ridiculously handsome, exquisitely dressed, a loyal servant to the Queen and, frankly, a bit of a cad. To try to make him anything else would make him ordinary, which would be the worst crime of all."

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