When promoting 'Halloween Kills' at the annual festival, the Laurie Strode depicter weighs in on whether her horror franchise sends the message that evil always prevails over good.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Lee Curtis was honored with the Venice International Film Festival's highest award in Italy on Wednesday, September 8.

The actress was feted with a Golden Lion Honorary Award, considered one of the film industry’s most prestigious and distinguished prizes and given to those who have made an important contribution to cinema.

Jamie was at the festival to promote her new film, "Halloween Kills", with director David Gordon Green, and told the media she believes her new horror movie reflects the world as it is now, and that "evil is seemingly winning."

"There's a line in 'Halloween Kills' that goes, 'The system is broken.' Well, you know, the system is broken all over the world and people are rising up all over the world in collective rage against the machine and unjust systems," the actress said.

She was asked by one journalist if the inexplicable survival of the film franchise's unstoppable serial killer Michael Myers is sending the message that evil always prevails over good and responded, "I mean, look at the news every day. You know, there's not much hope in many, many places in this world right now, and it's an incredibly difficult time."

"We're a divided world, and in America, we're a divided country - and I think evil is seemingly winning a bit lately. That doesn't mean it's going to always happen, but evil has seemingly won many times throughout history. And I hope that this film is as much a mirror to the world as it is an entertainment for people who love movies."

"Halloween Kills", the franchise's 12th film, is scheduled for release in the U.S. on October 15. The actress made her screen debut as Laurie Strode in the first "Halloween" film in 1978.

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