6ix9ine Makes $43 Million in Less Than 2 Months, Wack 100 Claims

The music manager of The Game and Blueface says he has helped the 'TROLLZ' spitter sign business deals worth tens of million dollars since their appearance on Clubhouse.

AceShowbiz - 6ix9ine is still making a lot of fortune, though there was a concern about whether or not he will be able to return to the music scene after snitching on his former gang members. The New York native has reportedly made $43 million in the last few months alone.

Bragging about 6ix9ine's massive income was Wack 100, who claimed that he has helped the formerly incarcerated rapper sign business deals worth tens of million dollars since their appearance on Clubhouse. The longtime manager said he has renegotiated the 25-year-old star's album terms and set up upcoming concert dates as well as endorsement deals among many other things.

"It's been about 30 or 45 days since I did the interview party on Clubhouse, right?" he said during another Clubhouse conversation. "So in the last 45 days, I probably done set up $43 million of business and I ain't seen the kid. I'm talking about big movies, European tours, renegotiated his album terms all through attorneys and email."

Wack said the projects will be announced soon. "Forty-five more days, s**t's gonna start being announced to drop and release, and I need him to keep talking about it to keep it hot," he explained.

The manager of The Game, Blueface and Ray J added that he gets a quarter of that money from the deals. "I just get my little 25 percent," he revealed, insisting that he wasn't exaggerating as saying, "I ain't trippin'."

Wack has recently teased about one of 6ix9ine's new projects. He confirmed that the "FEFE" hitmaker is working on his new album when responding to a fan on Instagram who suggested he was silenced from speaking about the rapper. "Working on 69 album and tour NOW," wrote Wack. "I speak what I do cause I do wtf I wanna do. Now watch the movement."

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