Jake Paul Announces Retirement From Boxing After Tyron Woodley Suspects He Didn't Fight 'Clean'

One day after beating the former UFC champion, the YouTube star announces he's now a 'retired boxer,' though he hints that he will be up for a rematch if Tyron gets a tattoo of his name.

AceShowbiz - Jake Paul's Sunday match with Tyron Woodley could be his last. One day after beating the former UFC champion, the YouTube star-turned-professional boxer has announced his retirement from boxing.

The 24-year-old social media personality made the shocking announcement on Twitter on Monday, August 30. "Updated status: Retired boxer," he wrote, without giving away the reason why he made the decision.

Jake Paul's Tweet

Jake Paul announced retirement from boxing.

Jake, however, hinted that he will be up for a rematch with Tyron if the latter gets a tattoo of his name. In a separate tweet, he gave the guidelines for Tyron's tattoo, including that it should be "3x2 inches at least" and should not get covered. The tattoo has to be "permanent" and "has to be visible with shorts and shirt on." He also demanded that Tyron posts it on social media.

Just hours before Jake announced his retirement, Tyron went on Instagram to talk about the Sunday night fight. In a video posted on his account, the mixed martial artist bragged about not showing any signs of injuries despite having been defeated by his opponent in the ring.

The 39-year-old also detailed a "fishy" drug test that he took before the fight. Believing that the drug test wasn't valid, he said of Jake, "He did not take a drug test. I don't think he fought clean."

Jake won against Tyron by a split decision, with scores of 77-75 and 78-74. Following the fight, Tyron admitted that he was surprised he was declared the loser. Confident that he will win if he'll meet Jake in the ring again, he challenged the YouTube star to a rematch. "It's done, we're doing the rematch," he told reporters at the post-fight press conference. "I have to get that win. It was too close."

On the result, he shared, "I thought I won, I was surprised it was a split decision. I thought it was close. I thought he had won some rounds. Early on the rounds were close. If I can go back I'd kick myself because I could've made it a little more convincing, but I was just trying to feel it out and take my time. I knew he was going to throw a lot of jabs and I knew he was going to faint and pressure. I wasn't surprised when they said split decision, but I thought it was going to be me."

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