50 Cent Fires Back at Haters Commenting on His Weight Loss for 'All Things Fall Apart'

The 'In Da Club' rapper lost a ton of weight for the role in the flick that goes under the radar and that prompts people to make fun of the rapper with memes.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent is still dealing with hate comments over his role in "All Things Fall Apart". Fif lost a ton of weight for the role in the flick that went under the radar and that prompted people to make fun of the rapper with memes.

On Sunday, August 29, the "In Da Club" rapper reposted a picture clowning him and clapped back at trolls making fun of him. "Remember when 50 Cent lost 55 pounds for a movie that nobody watched," it read. Captioning the post, Fiddy wrote, "see how people make fun of discipline, but can't even lose weight to look good. Then if you call them fat your shaming them get the f**k out of here! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi."

Directed by Mario Van Peebles, "All Things Fall Apart" saw Fif playing a cancer patient. It also starred Ray Liotta, Mario Van Peebles and Lynn Whitfield. The movie was originally named "Things Fall Apart" but Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel of the same name didn't allow them to do that. Fiddy tried to buy out Chinua, but eventually decided to add "All" to the title to avoid legal issues.

Some fans and fellow celebrity friends reacted to Fif's post. "that's a f**kin fact," Kash Doll commented. "Hahahaah say it again for them in the back!" someone added. Defending Fiddy, another fan added, "What u mean? That's a good movie tf."

"It was actually a good movie but I can't lie you deserve a reward for that I don't think no other actors going to actually do that you took that role to a heart," someone else echoed the sentiment. "That movie was good though!" another fan added.

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