Noel Gallagher to Take a Break From Drinking After Returning From Ibiza Party

The High Flying Birds rocker reveals his plans to abstain from drinking alcohol for three months after he returns from the club scene in Ibiza next month.

AceShowbiz - Noel Gallagher plans to quit alcohol for 12 weeks.

The Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds rocker has decided he will put down the bottle for around three months and has even set a date of 12 September (21) for the first day of his 12-week sobriety, as he says he needs a booze break after going too wild in Ibiza.

Noel, 54, said, "I'm going on the wagon and I've fixed a date. I think it's going to be like the 12th of September, because I've got parties to attend to and the last one is on the 11th."

"And then I'm going to go on the wagon for 12 weeks I think. I've been f**king smashing the arse out of it in Ibiza. I'm going to do three months which takes me up to the middle of December and then I can get in training for Christmas."

The musician previously took another three-month hiatus from alcohol in 2011 and felt "five years younger" afterwards.

He told Matt Morgan's "Funny How?" podcast, "I was on my own so I wasn't going out at all. If you're a drinker you've got a slightly addictive personality. Once you past the initial couple of weeks you start to feel better and you get addicted to that."

"When I came back from the States I looked about five years younger."

Noel hasn't released an album since 2017's "Who Built the Moon? with High Flying Birds. He, however, recently collaborated with Imelda May for "Just One Kiss", a track from her new album "11 Past the Hour".

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