Jessica Alba Gets Kids Into 'Meditation' to Ease Anxiety Ahead of School Return Amid Pandemic

The 'LA's Finest' actress talks about the upcoming school return, revealing that her children are nervous about going back to school after over a year of homeschooling.

AceShowbiz - Jessica Alba's children are nervous about returning to school.

The actress will be sending all three of her children - Honor, 13, Haven, 10, and Hayes, three, whom she has with her husband Cash Warren - to school in September (21), and has admitted they are worried about going back to school after spending over a year being homeschooled amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

And while Jessica is concerned about the spread of the virus, her kids are worried about "social-emotional issues" that come with school life, such as "fitting in" and "doing well" in class.

She said, "For me, the health aspect of COVID is much more at the forefront of my mind. But for the kids, a lot of their stuff is still really social. They really care about what their friends think. It's the more social-emotional (issues) - bullying, and being made fun of and fitting in, doing well and grades ... I try to talk to them about what's within their control and try not to expose them to too much that's sort of out of their control."

To help ease her kids' worries, Jessica has been getting them involved in "meditation" as well as "calming" foods.

Speaking to People magazine about her eldest child, Honor, she added, "We just try to do a relaxing ritual or listen to a meditation or have some tea, to calm the nerves. And we had to find (breakfast) foods that are calming for her and don't make her stomach upset."

The "L.A.'s Finest" star recently said therapy sessions helped her learn how to "communicate" with Honor.

She explained, "My 13 year old, I'm struggling with not treating her like a little (kid) - I want to treat them all like babies. I want to baby them. Still my tendency is to parent them as if they are little."

"I started going to therapy with her I think when she was 11. For me it was really out of, I felt like my relationship really suffered with my parents because they didn't know how to communicate with me and how I needed to be parented. So I didn't want that breakdown with Honor so we went to therapy together."

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