Jennifer Hudson Would Love to Land Role in Disney's 'Hercules'

The former 'American Idol' contestant says she's ready as she wants her next movie role to be a Goddess from the Mouse House big-screen adaptation of the Greek hero.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Hudson is eyeing a role in a potential live-action adaptation of Disney's "Hercules".

The singer/actress currently stars as Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin in new biopic "Respect" and, during a fan Q&A with WIRED, the "Spotlight" star looked to possible future roles.

When asked, "Who is Jennifer Hudson playing in Hercules?" she responded, "Y'all listen close. All my Dreamgirls cast members, this is a fun fact, have been in Disney films."

"Anika (Noni Rose), Beyonce, Jamie (Foxx), Eddie (Murphy) has done everything. Where's my Disney role?"

Musing on her choice of "Hercules" roles, she continued, "I was Calliope, the head muse, on a Disney cruise ship, so that means I'm ready for my part. We are the muses, goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes."

"That was me, Calliope. So I'm ready, just roll the camera. You ain't even got to send a script, I don't need the music. I'm ready to shoot. So I'll just wait for your call, thank you."

Jennifer Hudson was handpicked by Aretha before her death to portray her in the upcoming biopic.

J-Hud first met the icon when she opened for the late star following her elimination from "American Idol".

"I remember giving her flowers. I remember taking photos with her. Aretha was very quiet. She didn't say much back then. I thanked her for allowing me to sing," she recalled.

The duo then formed a close bond. A week before Aretha died in 2018, Jennifer had a chat with the legendary singer. Aretha sang a song by The Isley Brothers and Jennifer showed her idol a video of her son cooking.

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