Future's BM Apologizes to Joie Chavis for Leaking Audio of Him Saying He 'Never Loved' the Model

Brittni Mealy acknowledges in her public apology that the model, who also shares one kid with the MC, 'had nothing to do with' her and the 'Low Life' rapper's feud.

AceShowbiz - Future's baby mama has acknowledged her mistake. After leaking audio of the "Low Life" rapper saying that he "never loved" Joie Chavis, Brittni Mealy publicly apologized to the model through her social media account.

Brittni issued her apology on Instagram Story on Sunday, August 15. She began her lengthy message, "Just wanna say I apologize to Joie for bringing her into something that had nothing to do with her. There is no beef. As a woman it's never my intention to try to tear down another woman."

"Y'all know I work so hard and messing with my business had me pissed but I could of posted something different and used better judgment," the entrepreneur continued. "I'm just sick of being bullied by this man, but when I speak up for me and my son I'm a 'bad person' that's unfair and y'all don't know the half I just want to be left alone. Again Joie my apologies if that hurt you... but it's still f**k him!"

Brittni's apology came shortly after she unleashed the audio of Future saying that he loved her while stating that he never loved Joie, who also shares one kid with the MC. On why she took the move, Britti assumed that Future was behind the deletion of an Instagram account for her business @frombritt amid their feud.

In the said audio, Future said, "I don't look at Joie like I look at you." He went on to claim, "Me and Joie always been friends, super cool. Like, don't even know that me and her was just always been super cool to the point where we still could be cool right now."

"I don't look at her like someone I love, I never loved her like that, she know that," he explained further. "I never loved her, I never been like, told her 'I love you.' You know what I'm sayin'? I never told this girl, I never told Joie 'I love you' but we had a good a** friendship. You know what I mean? I ain't never tell her I love her... I love you."

Future and Brittni share a 7-year-old son together named Prince Wilburn. Meanwhile, the ex-fiance of Ciara shares 3-year-old son Hendrix with Joie. Joie herself also shares a daughter with ex Bow Wow.

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