Greg Grippo Addresses His 'The Bachelorette' Abrupt Exit: I Was 'Very Immature'

During his appearance on Nick Viall's 'The Viall Files' podcast, Greg also discusses his intense moment in 'After the Final Rose' special, in which Katie Thurston confronts him.

AceShowbiz - Greg Grippo has broken his silence on his headline-making exit on "The Bachelorette". During his appearance on Nick Viall's "The Viall Files" podcast, Greg also discussed his intense moment in "After the Final Rose" special.

In the Tuesday, August 10 episode of the podcast, Gregg admitted that he wasn't proud of his breakup with Katie Thurston. "I hate watching that back," he claimed to Nick. "That hometown [date] made me really upset, truthfully."

"I was so eager to try to get on the same page as her, but it didn't come off that way. I came off angry, like a child. It was very immature for me… we can't normalize that behavior. I was pretty ashamed of it all," Greg admitted.

He added, "Maybe it wasn't the healthiest relationship in the world because I was depending on her for happiness and that wasn't fair to her. I want to be in a position where I'm completely happy with myself before I get into another relationship." Greg also said that he "sadly" wasn't looking at everything from Katie's point of view at the time.

Owning up to his mistake, Greg shared, "Looking back on it, watching for the second time with all the viewers, yeah it came off like an a**. I came off like a petulant child at times. I regret it because she didn't deserve that. I definitely projected a lot of my insecurities and my anger on her. At the end of the day, it wasn't fair to her."

Greg left "The Bachelorette" after reaching his "breaking point." Katie then reunited with Greg in the "After the Final Rose" special that led to an awkward conversation. "I never felt that you actually intended to probably ever get engaged in that journey together," she said at the time. "You're saying that I'm not validating you enough, but it's like, you got a first impression rose, you got a first one-on-one, a second one-on-one, every single group date."

"In the moment I'm not realizing this, but I'm watching it back, I am giving you validation every single week," she continued. "For that hometown to go as perfectly as it did until the very end, and for you to do a 180, I feel like you were looking for the perfect opportunity to escape because you were never ready for an engagement."

"I filled a hole in your heart. The small second that things got awkward for you, uncomfortable, you ran. You're a liar. If you think that's love, you don't know what love is," Katie, who is engaged to Blake Moynes in the finale of her season, told Greg.

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