Phoebe Dynevor Believes Her Parents Understand Her 'Bridgerton' Sex Scenes More Than Most

Aside from admitting that she is not embarrassed by her parents watching her getting intimate on the show, the Lady Daphne depicter shares her thought on the success of the series.

AceShowbiz - Phoebe Dynevor isn't embarrassed by her parents watching her "Bridgerton" sex scenes.

The actress plays Lady Daphne Bridgerton on the Netflix period drama but she isn't worried about her famous parents - actress Sally Dynevor and writer Tim Dynevor - seeing her get intimate on the program, because she thinks they "probably understand more than most," given their own careers.

"Luckily they are in the industry so I guess they probably understand more than most. I think they are really proud to see me work so hard on the show," she said in an awards panel back in January.

And Phoebe admits she had no idea how successful the show would go on to be.

"When we were rehearsing we actually had no idea what it was going to be," the 26-year-old actress admitted. "We were saying, 'What are we? What is this? What do you think this is?' We were shooting in the dark most of the time and hoping for the best. But we all formed such close bonds and it really is a heavenly job."

"I'm drawn to people who make me giggle and there is a lot of giggling on set which is probably why we all get on so well. And Rege [Rege-Jean Page, Phoebe's co-star], of course, was amazing and we had so much time together," she added. "We also both moved from Los Angeles to London to do the show so we were both in the same hotel when we were rehearsing so we would see each other for breakfast."

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