Pregnant Ashley Graham Admits She Went Overboard With Preparation for Firstborn's Arrival

More than one year after giving birth to first son Isaac, the former 'American Beauty Star' host is getting ready to welcome her second child with husband Justin Ervin.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Graham is trying not to "overthink" preparations ahead of her second child's arrival.

The model, who is already mother to 17-month-old son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin, announced last month (July 2021) that her family was to expand once again.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ashley opened up about how she's gearing up for her new son or daughter's arrival, admitting she went overboard ahead of Isaac's entrance into the world.

"I don't know if there is much preparation that can go into baby number two," she said. "I feel like I did so much preparation when it came to Isaac, almost to the degree that maybe I over prepared."

"So I'm just making sure that I have the supplies that I need, which is basically nothing. Like, I just look at my boobs and go, 'OK, check check. We got this.' Just need some newborn diapers. Check, check. I'm just not going to overthink it."

Ashley is also finding the pregnancy itself harder, given that she's got Isaac to look after while also growing another human.

"I always heard that number two you're a lot more tired, you show faster. It's happening, I popped really fast," she said. "I'm exhausted. I'm running after a toddler. So yes, all the stereotypical things."

On how her firstborn deals with the prospect of being a big brother, Ashley said, "I don't know. I said, 'Do you know where the baby is?' and then he points to my stomach. So we got that far." She added, "And then sometimes he wants to kiss the baby so he goes like this, [kisses]. He curls his top lip in and bottom lip out, it's really sweet. So we got that far, but I don't think he understands the big brother aspect."

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