Kate Winslet Unsure If She Could Return to 'Mare of Easttown' Due to Emotional Turmoil

The 'Titanic' actress hasn't decided whether or not to reprise her role if her TV show is picked up for sophomore set because of the emotional experience she had to go through in the first season.

AceShowbiz - Kate Winslet wouldn't rule out bringing back "Mare of Easttown" for a second season, despite the emotional turmoil of reprising her role.

The HBO series earned rave reviews when it was released earlier this year (21), with Kate taking on the role of the complicated Mare as she and her police department took on the job of hunting down a kidnapper and murderer.

Since the show aired, speculation has been rife as to whether or not it could return for a second season, with Kate admitting there have been "some very cool ideas" about the future of the series.

She told Entertainment Weekly, "At the end of shooting we were like, 'Holy hell we can never do that again. If HBO brings up the idea of a Season 2, we all just have to say absolutely not. There's just no way we could possibly do it.' "

"There was talk, like, could there be? Especially when the show was getting such good responses."

Despite plans for the future, Kate doesn't know if she could face taking on her part again.

"I also have to figure out if I can do it," she added. "Can I go through it again? It did cost me a lot emotionally to be her, and I just have to figure out if I can summon it all up again and do it again."

"It was a ride, that's for sure, but we'll see, we'll see."

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