Sharon Stone Threatened to Be Axed From TV Show as She Refuses to Work With Unvaccinated Crew

The 'Basic Instinct' actress risks to be fired from the new TV series she is currently filming in Atlanta after she refuses to be on a set full of unvaccinated crew members.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Stone has put "a good job" on the line because she refuses to set foot on a set full of unvaccinated crew members.

The "Basic Instinct" star is taking a stand and, as a result, she says she's being threatened with the axe from an unnamed TV show, which is shooting in Atlanta, Georgia.

She has gone into details about the drama in a campaign video she has shot as part of her run for a seat on the SAG-AFTRA union's national board of directors while explaining COVID has cost her her insurance "after 43 years in the business."

It appears Stone fell just short of the required earnings in 2020 to be eligible for the health benefits, and she's had enough of the coronavirus - her grandmother and godmother both died in the pandemic and her sister and brother-in-law also battled COVID.

Making it clear where she stands, Sharon says, "I've been offered a job - a good job, a job I really want to do in Atlanta. That's why my hair is standing on end... because the Producers Guild of America will not guarantee that everyone on our show is vaccinated before I go to work."

"Will I go to work before everyone on my show is vaccinated? No. No, I won't. Am I being threatened that I will lose my job? Yes. Yes I am. Will I lose my job if everyone is not vaccinated on my show? Yes. Yes I could. Will I stand up for all of us so that every set that we go on is vaccinated? Yes. Yes, I will. Why? Because that's ridiculous... that we should have to go to work where we are not safe to work. I am standing up for all of us when I say that the Screen Actors Guild... will be safe for us to go to work."

"I'm not going to work until all of our sets are vaccinated. And you shouldn't either. Why? Because I am running for us. Why? Because we are you. I'm so sorry that this is our working conditions, but this is the Screen Actors Guild that we have today. Thank you."

Sean Penn has also reportedly refused to return to the set of his new TV drama "Gaslit" until everyone is vaccinated.

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