Safaree Samuels Slams 'Tasteless' Editors of 'Love and Hip Hop' for Airing His Baby Falling Scene

The 'Liar' rapper, who has come under fire over his lack of concern for his child with Erica Mena, also blast critics by saying, 'I don't give a s**t what none of y'all think.'

AceShowbiz - Safaree Samuels is furious with "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" for airing a scene of his baby falling. Having drawn backlash after the episode was released, the "Liar" rapper called out the show's editors and dubbed them "tasteless."

The 40-year-old expressed his anger via Twitter on Wednesday, July 28. "And y'all LHH editors ain't s**t. we told y'all not to air my baby falling and y'all still used it," he first argued. "Had us reshoot a whole bunch of bulls**t and y'all still used that. Y'all don't have no respect, because that was not my response of me finding out I was having a boy!"

"That was tacky and tasteless!! It's definitely about to be a wrap on my time with y'all. Y'all be wanting too much of ppl time to be doin dat type of wack s**t!!" the estranged husband of Erica Mena fumed in another tweet. "We filmed a hr long convo for that scene and y'all chop it to 3 mins and use that and make it a focal point. Weak."

The episode in question was aired on Monday, July 26. In it, Safaree was seen having a conversation with his baby mama Erica in the studio. Suddenly, their daughter Saphire took a tumble and a guitar landed on her. While the baby cried, the then-pregnant mom was quick to come to the baby's rescue. The MC, however, did nothing and even laughed while watching the incident.

"Safaree, pick her up, you idiot. What's your problem? I'm picking up your f**king guitar," Erica shouted. When she confronted Safaree, "What a d**khead move of you. ... You're laughing at her instead of picking her up," the hip-hop star replied, "It was funny."

Safaree has since landed in hot water over his reaction. "F**k I don't even like this n***aaaa no more after this s**t. This ain't funny at all. Those his kids wtf his daughter like come on man. I'm off this n***aaa," one Instagram user raged, with another adding, "What the f**k is wrong with him literally."

Having caught the wind of the criticism, Safaree was quick to defend himself by saying, "Damnn the voice over for this scene almost made it seem real." While many were not buying his claim, he addressed the backlash on Tuesday via Instagram Story.

"There's some people out there who wouldn't be able to handle the backlash I get. They'd be somewhere off the deep-end. But I'm so glad that I don't give a s**t what none of y'all think, and it just makes me feel good," he pointed out. "I appreciate y'all being so invested too."

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