'Sex and the City' Reboot Expected to Get Second Season Extension

While Kim Cattrall does not return as sex-obsessed PR executive Samantha Jones on 'And Just Like That...', it is suggested that the' door is open' for her if she ever changes her mind.

AceShowbiz - The "Sex and the City" reboot is reportedly getting a second series.

DailyMail.com reports that filming of "And Just Like That..." has been such a "resounding success" that executive producers Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) are considering extending the show past its currently confirmed 10 episodes.

A source told the outlet that another instalment is "expected to be announced soon by HBO Max."

It's even been claimed that the "door is open" for Kim Cattrall to return as sex-obsessed PR executive Samantha Jones, despite her feud with Sarah Jessica and not taking part in the first season.

"There was obviously a concern that people would miss Kim and not be engaged but the response so far has been phenomenal," the insider said. "And for fans of Kim, the door is open for her to return. If she ever changes her mind, she can come back."

"The ladies love and value her and would love to see her on the new show. The whole point of this series is to show that friendships evolve and change over time, so Kim is always welcome to come home."

"If Kim's reps called us now and said she was available - we'd book her on the first flight to New York. There's still time."

HBO Max claimed the character won't be returning for the spin-off series because they wanted to reflect the "actual stages of life" which often see friends part ways.

"Mannequin" star Kim has been locked in a feud with Sarah Jessica for some time.

In 2017, Kim said she has "never been friends" with her co-star, before later insisting the actress "could have been nicer" on the set of the popular TV show.

She said at the time, "We've never been friends. We've been colleagues and, in some ways, it's a very healthy place to be."

The "Filthy Rich" star then said she didn't know what Sarah Jessica's "problem" was, before later slamming her as "toxic" and "cruel" after the actress paid tribute following Kim's brother's death.

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