Usher's Ex-Wife to Clear Up Misconceptions About Her Using New Memoir

Speaking of 'Here I Stand... in a Beautiful State', Tameka Foster Raymond insists while there are chapters about death and divorce in the book, it is not all about crying.

AceShowbiz - Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond is hoping to clear up a few misconceptions about her relationship with the R&B star and her son's tragic 2012 death in a new memoir.

The personal stylist's new book, "Here I Stand... in a Beautiful State", drops on Tuesday, July 27, and features a decade of drama and her story of survival against the odds.

"After several years of contemplating writing about her life, she decided to write a book after having a conversation with three women on a beach in Bali," a press release reads. "As they spoke, they learned who Raymond's ex-husband was and they were insistent there was no way she could be who she said she was because his wife had died."

"They were referring to her near-death experience in Brazil, which has been grossly misreported in the media. After that hilarious and memorable conversation on the beach, Raymond knew she had to write a book. It was time to clear up all the rumors and outright lies about her fashion career, her marriage, and her parenting."

Promoting the memoir, Tameka tells WENN, "Here I stand after going through all the media c**p, the divorce, the loss, the grief. It's not all about crying. Readers are going to laugh. Even though there are chapters about death and divorce, this is not a depressing book."

The book features tales about her style clients, too, including Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, Timbaland, Ciara, Aaliyah, Chris Brown and Ginuwine, and she hopes there's a message for readers, "You spend a little time suffering, you deal with the problem, and then you have to always convert back to a positive space," she smiles. "Stay in a beautiful state, and the universe and God make sure it’ll all work itself out for you."

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