Usher Claps Back at Speculation He Thanks the Devil for His NAACP Award

The 'U Got It Bad' hitmaker calls out a 'terrible' content creator who tries to accuse him of being a devil worshipper by bringing up his speech at the NAACP Image Awards.

AceShowbiz - Usher did not sell his soul for an award. The singer has faced allegation that he almost thanked the devil at the the 55th annual NAACP Image Awards which has now caught the attention of the superstar.

On Sunday, March 24, the R&B artist quickly shut down the rumor once and for all when he responded to a post about his speech at the award event. "Did #Usher almost just thank the #Devil for his #NAACP award?" read a caption accompanying the said Instagram post.

Not mincing his words, Usher wrote in the comments section, "Get the hell outta here!!! GOD is my lord and savior … the DEVIL is a lie!!" Fuming, he continued, "You got me f**ked up!! Not today sir...I never have time for this type s**t but today, you gon hear this."

The "OMG" star explained what happened during his speech, "So I was a bit nervous and jumbled my words when speaking from my heart...I hate teleprompters and they started to rush me because I was getting a bit long winded...."

"everybody gets nervous, especially in this position," so he claimed. "I was thanking the N Double A C P and shift to the depths of my soul... when my words got mixed. The devil is always at work...don't let him use my boy." He went on calling out the person who tried to accuse him of being a devil worshipper, "You terrible for even tryna to share this."

In the said post, the content creator included a clip of Usher's speech when he accepted the President's Award at the NAACP Image Awards. "I'm very honored to be able to receive this amazing award, from the dev-," he said, briefly pausing, before he continued, "from the depths of my soul."

His flub aside, he also thanked his mother and wife Jennifer Goicoechea. "I'm thankful for the support that my mother gave me for my dreams," he said. "I'm so overwhelmed with appreciation for my entire family, without them I wouldn't be able to do this."

He added, "They say standing behind or beside or with every strong man is a stronger woman and for that I thank my mother and I thank my beautiful wife, Jennifer, for holding it down. My kids, I love you guys so so much. I hope that I'm an example. I'm a dad who's just trying to get it right every day."

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