Anne-Marie Blames Paranoia of Being Hated for Her Seeking Therapy During COVID Pandemic

The 'Ciao Adios' hitmaker admits that the stress caused by her horrible feeling for leaving the house during the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns made everything really heightened.

AceShowbiz - Singer Anne-Marie sought therapy during the pandemic for paranoia because she was worried everyone hated her.

The "Ciao Adios" hitmaker's feelings of insecurity peaked when everyone was stuck inside during the 2020 coronavirus lockdowns.

"I always felt like everyone hated me. It's a horrible feeling leaving the house expecting everyone to think that you're an a**hole". The stress of that made everything really heightened," she told U.K. newspaper Metro.

"So everyone I met, I was trying to be really nice and be myself and overly compensating for that and hoping they would go tell someone, 'Oh, Anne-Marie is really nice.' I couldn't bear the thought of someone having something bad to say about me which is quite a bad headspace to be in in this industry."

"The Voice UK" coach finally decided to seek help, despite feeling she "should" be happy with her success. "I felt like I should have been happy, so I kept it quiet for a while," she added.

And the "Rockabye" singer is now putting less pressure on herself. "Sometimes people just don't like your music," she admitted. "I've had to get over that a bit. Overcoming that sense of worry and living my life for me instead of for other people is the biggest thing I have come to learn."

"It's a hard lesson but I've managed to do it," the 30-year-old singer added. "It's so much better because every decision I make is because I want to do it instead of it being about everyone else."

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