Grimes Trolled After Revealing That BF Elon Musk Doesn't Fund Her Music Career
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The singer, who shares a son with the tech mogul, shares on TikTok that contrary to popular belief, she never relies on her boyfriend when it comes to her music career.

AceShowbiz - Despite having a billionaire boyfriend, Grimes is an independent artist. The singer, who shares a son with Elon Musk, shares on TikTok that contrary to popular belief, she never relies on her mogul boyfriend when it comes to her music career.

On the video-sharing platform, Grimes raised questions among her fans when she revealed that she inked a record deal. "My label thinks this isn't a single what do y'all think?" she asked. Instead of answering the questions, the comment section was filled with people wondering why Grimes would sign to a label if Musk could help her financially.

"Why did u even sign to a label," a fan asked, to which the "100% Tragedy" singer answered, "Need to get out of the gate-keeping of indie music and I need $ for music videos etc haha contrary to popular belief my bf doesn't fund my career."

Internet fans found the revelation shocking as one commented, "Grimes liking Elon Musk for who he is rather than for his money is so much worse lmao." Another confused fan said, "im crying cause why does grimes date elon musk then..."

"Wait, so Grimes is the baby mama of one of the richest men on the planet and she not getting no stacks? No stipend? No allowance? No funding? No guap? What part of the game is this? I thought once you literally bagged a billionaire that's how you secured the literal bag?!" someone else tweeted in disbelief.

Referring to the pair's son whom they name X Æ A-Xii Musk, another critic added, "It's honestly so goddamn embarrassing that a woman (Grimes) would be with a billionaire, birth his kid with a dumb a** name, spend her free time defending him to teenagers on Tik Tok and not even be taken care of financially."

"grimes not at the very least using elon for his money makes me respect her even less somehow," another comment read. Someone else, meanwhile, thought it was clear that Elon didn't fund Grimes' music career considering the quality of her music videos. "i don't get the misconception of elon musk funding grimes, have yall seen her music videos? its just her posing in green screens or walking with HANA in places," the person said.

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