This Is Why Jill Duggar Freezes 4-Year-Old Son Samuel's Stuffed Animals

The 'Counting On' alum apparently has a good reason for that as she shares in several Instagram videos that she does that because of health concerns regarding her son.

AceShowbiz - Jill Duggar's decision to freeze her son Samuel's stuffed animals might raise some people's eyebrows. However, the "Counting On" alum apparently had a good reason for that as she shared in several Instagram videos that she did that because of health concerns regarding her son.

"So, I am freezing Sam's stuffies again. I should have done this [already], [it's] long overdue now," the 30-year-old TV star said in an Instagram Story video on Wednesday, July 21. "He has allergies, like I said before. His allergist recommended that I freeze his stuffies or, you can put them in the dryer. But sometimes I feel like the dryer is a little harsher on them, so I am freezing them."

In the next clip, Jill was seen bagging up the stuffed animals and putting them in the freezer. "I bag them up to keep moisture from getting on them while they're in the freezer," she explained, adding that she would let them inside the freezer for two to three days.

Of the 4-year-old's allergies, Jill said, "[Sam] woke up with red eyes, red itchy eyes, this morning, sneezing. I had been working in their room, going through some clothes, and I got in the garage and pulled out some new stuff and I forgot to wash the stuff that I pulled out. So, I went ahead and washed everything today -- all the clothes that I was upping his size in and all that."

"Hopefully that helps but it was a good reminder for me to go ahead and freeze his other stuffies to, kind of, kill all the dust bunnies like his allergist recommended," she went on to say.

Thankfully, Samuel "already seems to be getting a little bit better" now. "I gave him more of his allergy medicine this morning," she said. "So, Sam has just, like, off the charts dust allergies. That was like, his one thing they said was super bad, so hopefully he's better."

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