Lil Nas X Jokes About Legal Trouble on TikTok

The 'Old Town Road' rapper and MSCHF sparked controversy back in March when they released its customized Nike's classic Air Max '97s collaboration that he dubs 'Satan Shoes'.

AceShowbiz - Lil Nas X's ongoing legal issue related to his infamous "Satan Shoes" apparently doesn't concern him. Ahead of his court appearance, the Grammy-winning rapper seemingly made light of the matter in a new video on his TikTok page.

In the said video, which he shared on Sunday, July 18, Nas was seen sporting a conflicted facial expression with a court room picture being edited as the background. "The judge tomorrow when I try to flirt with him to avoid going to jail," so he wrote over the clip.

This wasn't the first time for the "Old Town Road" rapper to make light of the situation. Earlier this week, he wrote on TikTok, "When you have court on Monday over satan shoes and might go to jail but your label keeps telling you to make TikTok videos."

Nas and clothing company MSCHF sparked controversy back in March when they released its customized Nike's classic Air Max '97s collaboration. It contained 66 CCs of red ink and one drop of human blood in its sole. Following the controversy, Nas shared a YouTube link to his "apology" video which turned out to be a promo for "MONTEREO (Call Me By Your Name)".

Not amused, Nike sued the MSCHF for trademark infringement. The company also blocked all future sales of the shoes. "MSCHF has agreed to initiate a voluntary recall to buy back any Satan Shoes and Jesus Shoes for their original retail prices, to remove them from circulation," Nike said in a statement in April.

Further defending himself, Nas said on Twitter, "People make customs all the time, it's never been a problem. nike only stopped the sell of the shoe because a powerful group of people pushed them to do so."

"i haven't been upset until today, i feel like it's f***ed up they have so much power they can get shoes cancelled," the musician also penned on the blue bird app. "freedom of expression gone out of the window. but that's gonna change soon."

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