Duran Duran Embraces Artificial Intelligence to Create 'Invisible' Video

Speaking of his band's new promo for their 15th album's first single from the group, singer Simon Le Bon praises Huxley for giving them an edge with the visual.

AceShowbiz - Duran Duran have used a pioneering new artificial intelligence to create the video for their new single, "Invisible".

The band turned to boffins at Huxley to give them an edge with their new promo and they were stunned by what they could "dream up" using the platform.

"Huxley is an artificial intelligence creative," singer Simon Le Bon tells "Today". "You feed in information, pictures, pictures of the band, pictures of the world around us and the words of the song... and Huxley dreams a video for you."

"Invisible" is the first single from the group's 15th album, "Future Past", which will be released in October.

In an interview with ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar, Le Bon talked about the band's decision to incorporate the new technology. "When we arrived on the scene, the video age was beginning and we grasped it and it was a very big part of what made Duran Duran global at the time," he said.

"I think we've always viewed technology as something that we can use that can really help us," the 62-year-old singer continued explaining. "We're not intimidated by it."

Bandmate Nick Rhodes was in line with Le Bon's statement. "I think it's super exciting technology and we're sort of the space race generation," he stated. "So growing up through that period where a man landed on the moon, anything that was new and technologically advanced was appealing. And if you can use it to enhance your toolkit for what you're doing, I think that's fantastic."

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