Michelle Pfeiffer Credits 'French Exit' for Giving Her Reason to Smoke Again
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The 'Batman Returns' actress, who curbed her habit of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day in 1992, is required to pick up cigarettes again for her role as a widowed New York socialite in the film.

AceShowbiz - Michelle Pfeiffer was thrilled to be able to smoke again for her film "French Exit" after quitting her smoking habit years ago.

The "Batman Returns" actress used to go through two packs of cigarettes a day before kicking the habit in 1992, but she was required to smoke onscreen for her role as a widowed New York socialite.

"I quit smoking years ago, yet it's always such a joy to pick up again. I have always liked it, but the cigarettes I [now] use do not contain nicotine or tar, and are not addictive!" she told Italian publication IO Donna.

The Oscar-nominated actress previously told Ladies Home Journal magazine, "I haven't always been healthy. When I was in my 20s I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. I lived on Marlboro Lights and Coca-Cola."

Back in February, Pfeiffer opened up about her decision to get back into acting after a five-year break from Hollywood. "I realized my daughter was looking at colleges, and I saw the writing on the wall," she explained to Town & Country magazine. "I thought, 'This is going to hit me really hard. It's time for me to get back into moviemaking.'"

"Your seat is never saved in this industry. It's very competitive. There's that transition time when you're not the ingenue and you're not really old enough to be the grandmother," she elaborated. "I'm at an age when the parts are getting more interesting again for me. I guess the timing of it really worked out, because I don't feel I missed out on much."

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