'The Bachelorette' Recap: One Liar Is Eliminated, One New Man Arrives

A new episode of the long-running ABC dating show sees Katie Thurston being excited for her group date with some of the men as they play an exciting Truth or Dare.

AceShowbiz - Katie Thurston continued her journey to find love in a new episode of "The Bachelorette". Airing on Monday, June 28, the episode saw Katie being excited for her group date with some of the men. During the date, they played Truth or Dare as it was strategically located all around the property.

The first challenge was to pick a dome. Mike picked one and it was said that he had to eat whole tray of twinkies at 5400 calories. Greg told Katie sweet nothings but she wasn't impressed. As for Tre, he got waxed in a hairy spot. For the last challenge, they had to eat habareno and proposed to Katie.

During the group cocktail party, Tre and Katie had a one-on-one time as they talked further about themselves. Meanwhile, Greg admitted to Katie that he was out of his comfort zone, adding that he felt like he was in high school especially living with all the guys.

Later that night, Tre wanted to tell Katie about Thomas, who admitted to the men in the previous episode that he joined the show with being the next "The Bachelor" in mind. However, Andrew S. stopped him because he thought it would interrupt their date. Tre initially agreed but he eventually dropped the bomb much to Katie's devastation. At the rose ceremony, she gave the group date rose to Tre as a way to thank him for being honest.

The next day, Thomas later headed to Katie's room to confront her. He held her hands and seemingly tried to manipulate her feelings for him. Katie said to him that she was confused by all of this.

At the rose ceremony, the men told Katie that all of them were against Thomas when they noticed that Katie wanted to give him a second chance. Before she handed out the roses, Thomas apologized to the men. The roses went to Hunter, Greg, Justin, Brendan, Andrew S., Aaron, Mike P., James, Josh, Quartney and Andrew M. She kicked Thomas, whom she called a liar, out.

Thomas drama aside, one more man arrived and it was actually Blake Moynes, who previously vied for both Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley's hearts on The Bachelorette. Katie was apparently delighted when Tayshia told her about it though she didn't immediately give him an answer. At the end of the episode, Katie went to Blake's room and eventually invited him to join her season.

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