Reacting to the '...Baby One More Time' singer's testimony, the TV host blasts both Jamie and Lynne Spears after previously defending Britney's father as 'a good man' amid the conservatorship drama.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams has cast her curse on Britney Spears' parents following the singer's speech at the latest hearing in her conservatorship battle. Feeling "fooled" after previously defending the pop star's father Jamie Spears, she wished not only him, but also Britney's mother, death.

Wendy discussed the conservatorship drama on her eponymous talk show on Thursday, June 24. Venting out her anger, she exclaimed, "How dare you, Mr. Spears, you had me fooled. And you too, Mrs. Spears." She added, "Death to all of them," which was met with the audience's audible gasp.

Wendy clearly had a change of heart after she previously took Jamie's side in the conservatorship drama. Back in February, she defended the longtime conservator of Britney's estate as saying, "I think that her father is a good man."

Further weighing in on the matter, "The Wendy Williams Show" host added, "I've heard that she still needs to be controlled, and she needs to have someone that's controlling her finances, and controlling who she is friends with and where she goes and what time she's coming in …"

Wendy isn't the only one who made a bold statement in the wake of Britney's testimony. Also taking the "Toxic" hitmaker's side, Meghan McCain called on FBI to be involved as she likened the treatment to the singer to "human trafficking."

"The #FreeBritney movement are the people who started this, and I hope to God they get her out of this environment," she said when co-hosting "The View" on Thursday morning. "If she were any other person not named Britney Spears, this is a human trafficking issue, and should be treated as such."

During the court hearing, Britney compared her life under the conservatorship to a "sex trafficking" victim as she claimed she has been "forced" to work "against her will," including a 2018 tour in Las Vegas she agreed to "out of fear." She additionally stated that she wanted to have more children with her boyfriend Sam Asghari but she wasn't able to remove her IUD because of the arrangement. "I have an IUD inside of me so that I don't get pregnant," she told the court. "My team doesn't want me to have any more children."

A day later, Britney released a statement on her official Instagram page, admitting that she was "pretending" to be okay for years under such arrangement. "I apologize for pretending like I've been ok the past two years …," the 39-year-old penned. "I did it because of my pride and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me… but honestly who doesn't want to capture there Instagram in a fun light!!!! Believe it or not pretending that I'm ok has actually helped."

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