'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Star Jean-Luc Is Emotional Over Baby Drama With Dani, Looks to Co-Parent
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Meanwhile, Dani shares that J.L. was 'supportive in the beginning, and then it just changed' as he allegedly sent her a text in which he told her not to 'go around telling people I'm the dad of this child.'

AceShowbiz - The second part of "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" reunion, which aired on Tuesday, June 22, featured an emotional moment for Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux and Dani Soares. In the episode, it was confirmed that Jean-Luc is the father of Dani's baby.

"Well, let's put it this way, this baby was made during the season while we had cameras 24/7 with us and I only slept with one guy," Dani told Andy Cohen. However, Dani revealed that J.L. "thinks it's not his child... And he doesn't want to have anything to do with it."

Dani shared that J.L. was "supportive in the beginning, and then it just changed." She claimed that on New Year's she got a text from J.L. in which he told her not to "go around telling people I'm the dad of this child." In the text, J.L. also demanded a DNA test, which she agreed as long as J.L. paid for and organized it. However, he didn't really follow through it.

J.L., who filmed an interview for the reunion separately, shared that he hoped to co-parent Lilly together with Dani. "Dani, what we had on the show for me was real. I don't care what anybody says, even now that we're going through what we are going through. What I felt for you, and the time that we had, was genuine. Everything that I ever said to you was true," he said emotionally.

He continued, "I need you to know that I did support your decision and still do. I really hope that we can co-parent together and have respect for one another like we did." As for wanting to take a DNA test, J.L. said, "There was talk of a DNA test. We've gone as far as me trying to reach out to her doctor's office. I don't think lawyers need to get involved. That is not the avenue I want to go."

"I understand why she took it poorly because in her mind I might be the only person she's ever been with. If that's the case, I told her, I really do apologize, but for my peace of mind I just wanted to know," he added.

Back in May, J.L. wrote in an Instagram post that he was "heartbroken" when he found out Lilly's arrival on social media. "There's a lot of gossip about my social media silence so I think it's time to clear the air. While others are off chasing their 15 minutes of fame, I am working on a yacht in Central America and heartbroken to have to hear about the baby's birth on social media and read headlines like 'Dani Soares Says Her Baby's Father Doesn't Want Anything to Do With It.' All I can say is if she's mine, I want to be involved 100 percent," he clarified.

"As someone who grew up with parents who weren't together, I wouldn't wish that on any child," he continued. "Not looking for a pity party. Just want everyone to know how strongly I feel about this, especially the haters who are so sure I am neglecting my responsibility. No one wants to know more than me if this is my baby girl!"

As for Dani, she said prior to J.L.'s post that she "would never deny a father seeing their daughter." She told Entertainment Tonight in an interview, "That's horrendous. … For Lilly's sake, I know it would have been much better for her to know that her dad actually wants to meet her and wants to know her, than growing up knowing that he didn't really do anything about it."

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