Expressing his frustration over the lack of recognition on the special day, the 'Hate It or Love It' rapper insists that he is 'the type of father that deserves praise, deserves notice.'

AceShowbiz - The Game wasn't the happiest father on Father's Day. The hip-hop star has gone on a lengthy rant on Instagram as he felt "unappreciated" by his family on what was supposed to be a special day and has decided to "cut [them] off" for that reason.

In an approximately-six-minute video posted on his social media account, The Game noted that it was only his eldest son who showed him appreciation on Father's Day. "Yesterday, woke up on Father's Day, and the only person that really acknowledged the fact that I was a father was my oldest son," he said.

Grateful for it, he described his son's sweet act, "He got me some cologne, you know, some stuff within his budget, and I thought that was beautiful. I appreciated it. I love him, I love him to death. That's how I raised him, to be humble and always take care of your people when they're very present."

The 41-year-old then claimed that he has always taken care of his children and family. "As a father, I always went above and beyond for my children and even the people around me," he said. "They should take notice, you should understand that on Father's Day, that's a very important day. Mother's Day over the years, I've went all out on Mother's Day."

While the Compton native received Father's Day messages from strangers, he said he didn't receive any from his family. Expressing his disappointment, he stated, "For Father's Day, for some reason, around the board overall, it gets a little disrespectful. I'm starting to feel like the deadbeat dads out there. You got fathers out there that are putting in major work, and a holiday comes around for us, and I feel like people don't give a f**k about it, at least in my life because like yesterday, other than eating with my son, I don't really have anything to show for Father's Day."

"I know who I am as a father. Can't nobody tell me that I'm not the type of father that deserves praise, deserves notice," The Game stressed. "And I'm not saying go out and buy a n***a a Lamborghini or nothing like that but to be post-Father's Day, to be on this video, making this video, and to really have nothing to show for it, it's just unacceptable. It's crazy and I'm really not f**king with it."

The "My Life" spitter then declared that he cuts ties with his "disrespectful" family. "So today is the day where, if you're in my life and you're close to me and I've done what I've done for you and I've taken care of you and looked after you for several years, and you know that you didn't show up on Father's Day with any type of appreciation, today is the day that I cut you off," he publicly noticed them, adding, "It's nothing personal but actions scream louder than words. I'm tired of the disrespect but I've gotta do something about it. And I hate to bring it to social media but there might be other fathers out there who feel unappreciated and might need to know that they're not alone."

In the caption, The Game doubled down on his message. "It's the disrespect for me," he wrote. "Hoping all the REAL FATHERS out there got blessed & showered with all the LOVE & APPRECIATION they deserved. For the ones that did not, I feel your pain."

Many have since expressed their sympathy to The Game. One fan understood his feelings and commented, "That ain't petty, it's unacceptable!" Another supported his claims, "You're right, and you should be greatly acknowledged by those that you do for. I feel you on this. You're not being petty but stating observation and facts. "

A third follower tried to raise his spirit, "As long as you know you are a great father and your children know you are a great father that's what matters. The success of your parenting is reflected in your children. Happy Father's Day to one of the best rappers with such a talented pen. "

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