Milla Jovovich: Having Sex With 'Sleazy Older' Men When I Was Younger Doesn't Make Me Victim
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The 'Resident Evil' actress admits to hooking up with 'sleazy older guys' when she was younger but she insists her story was not part of the MeToo movement.

AceShowbiz - Milla Jovovich was hit on by "sleazy older guys" when she was younger but will never call herself a #MeToo victim.

The "Resident Evil" star admits she did get together with some older suitors as she was starting out as a model, but she doesn't hold any "anger" towards the situation or the people involved because she was "having fun and experiencing different people."

Speaking about the #MeToo movement, she said, "I don't hold anger. It never affected me. I have always been secure in my sexuality and I was strong. No one drugged or beat me."

"I stand together with the #MeToo victims and will support them to the end but I never felt my story was part of it because I wasn't one of those traumatised women and it was their voices that needed to be heard."

But the actress insists she was lucky not to have been sexually assaulted, adding, "Did sleazy older guys hit on me? Of course. Did I get together with them? Occasionally. Do I feel like a victim? No. I was having fun and experiencing different people." She continued, "I read Balzac and Nana (the story of a high-class prostitute by Emile Zola) when I was 13. I was playing characters in my head and meeting sophisticated older men was a game."

"In some sense, I thought I was a courtesan. But I was little, they shouldn't have done it and thank God I never got raped."

The 45-year-old actress also admitted she struggled with her shyness when she was starting out in her career and found it very "traumatizing."

She told the Mail on Sunday's You magazine, "I was so young. I was uncomfortable, I was shy, I wasn't a natural actress."

"Everything was difficult. I lacked confidence and on set I'd be shaking. It was traumatising. And then the reviews would come out and I'd be insulted and obliterated. It was so humiliating. It made me want to turn away from everything."

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