Falynn Guobadia Reveals Whether or Not She Blames Porsha Williams for Simon Divorce

The reality TV star also shares how she found out the engagement news of Simon and her 'RHOA' co-star, noting that she learned about the shocking thing 'the same time as everyone else.'

AceShowbiz - Falynn Guobadia has revealed her truth amid her divorce from husband Simon Guobadia, who is now engaged to her "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Porsha Williams. In a new video that she shared on YouTube, Falynn shared whether or not she blamed Porsha for the end of her marriage to the businessman.

When asked if she and Simon decided to get divorced because of Porsha, Falynn told host Adam Newell in the June 11 video, "No." She went on to insist, "No, no one has that power over my life, my husband's life and our marriage."

"However, Simon and I were the ones who are married to one another, we're the ones who created a family together and built a life with one another. I blame the both of us. He's to blame, I am to blame and that is all," she continued. "Whatever came after that. I'm not saying it was right. I'm not saying it was wrong. But no. No one has that power besides Simon and I."

During the interview, Falynn also shared how she found out the engagement news of Simon and Porsha, noting that she learned about the shocking thing "the same time as everyone else." She then recalled "receiving a phone call around 8 A.M. that morning when everything started making headlines."

"At the time she thought, 'My husband is a lot of things, but he would never do that to me. That is just not who he is.' [My friends] said, 'Are you sure?' " Falynn went on to say. However, she was proved wrong when the pair confirmed the engagement news.

Of the news, Falynn admitted that it hurt. "Everyone has their own way to deal with pain and my husband is hurting just as much as I am. But this, this took the cake. It hurt. That's the best way I can describe it, I was in pain," she divulged.

Falynn also admitted that "marriages are not easy" as it required hard work. Explaining what went wrong in her marriage to Simon, Falynn said, "Where it changed, I'm not exactly sure because Simon is the one that filed but it mostly started to change after we started filming the show. I don't think it was the show's fault. We weren't even on there like that for the show to be the ruin of our marriage."

Falynn and Simon announced their split in April after two years of marriage. Weeks later, Simon and Porsha confirmed that they're engaged to each other. Meanwhile, the divorce between the former couple turns ugly with them accusing each other of cheating.

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