Director Craig Gillespie insists the upcoming Hulu series about the infamous sex tape leak of Pamela Anderson and then-boyfriend Tommy Lee is not a hatchet job.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Craig Gillespie hopes Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee take some solace in the story he's telling about their infamous sex tape leak.

The director is overseeing Hulu's upcoming series, "Pam & Tommy", which stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan, and he hopes the real stars of the drama understand his movie isn't a hatchet job that will embarrass them.

He told TooFab, "It's always difficult, you're dealing with real people and I try to take solace in the fact that I feel like we're trying to highlight a wrong that happened and gives a humanity to their side of the story, similar to what we did in I, Tonya - show her from a different point of view."

"I think we have the same opportunity as we did in I, Tonya, where people come in with this expectation or perception of what they know about the story and you feel it's very different."

"I hope that there would be some solace in the fact that it's gonna show a very different version that supports their journey."

While the former couple is yet to publicly comment on the series, fans were amazed when they saw the transformations of Lily and Sebastian into Pamela and Tommy in a promo picture.

Addressing the reaction, Craig said, "I was actually literally shooting Pam and Tommy that day. I was sort of ducking out and people were just showing me the responses, which was kind of boggling. I didn't fathom it would be so much on people's radars."

"I'm thrilled with what Lily and Sebastian are doing and the way they look and the transformation that they've made and the work that they've put into getting to that place. I always start there and then be like, if it fails it's on my terms. It was (an) amazing response."

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