50 Cent Seeks to Seize Teairra Mari's Assets to Collect Money From Revenge Porn Case

The 'Power' co-creator/star has previously threatened to go after any and every check that Teairra would receive as she failed to pay him $37,733 that he owes him in attorney fees and sanctions.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent continues to try holding Teairra Mari accountable for dragging him in her alleged revenge porn case. While they have stopped exchanging fiery messages on social media for a while now, the rapper-turned-actor is trying to collect the money he owes her.

The former G-Unit member has filed documents to seize the singer/actress' assets to collect the money she owes her. According to court documents obtained by Radar, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star still owes the TV producer $37,733.

Back in 2018, Mari filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, accusing them of engaging in a plan to sexually objectify, threaten, intimidate, humiliate and degrade her by posting a sexually graphic video. She claimed her former boyfriend was upset with her because he wanted to have a polyamorous relationship and she did not.

She accused him of hacking into her Instagram account and posting a graphic video that showed "ejaculate" on her face. She said that 50 Cent later reposted the screenshot on his own account, placing a filter over the image to highlight the color contrast of semen on her face.

The Queens native denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He insisted that by the time he reposted the image, it was all over the internet. He also claimed that the photo didn't even show genitals or Teairra performing a sexual act.

50 Cent won the case and he was awarded $30,000 in attorney fees. In February 2020, the judge ordered Teairra to pay additional $4,492 in sanctions. The debt has accrued interest in the amount of $2,597.80 as she has yet to pay a dime on the bill.

Despite the judge's orders, Teairra previously joked on the Internet that she wouldn't pay Fiddy because she didn't have the money. The 45-year-old emcee, meanwhile, has threatened to go after any and every check that Teairra would receive. He has attempted to have Teairra turning over her bank records and accused her of blowing off deadlines in the case.

With his incomes from various business ventures, 50 Cent may not really need the money to cover his legal expenses, but he obviously won't let the reality TV star get away without giving him his due.

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