Billie Piper Admits to Find Many Things in 'Framing Britney Spears' Triggering
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The former 'Doctor Who' star, who found fame as a teenage pop singer, admits the controversial documentary made her reassess the amount of control she had throughout her music career.

AceShowbiz - Billie Piper found the "Framing Britney Spears" documentary triggering, because it brought back bad memories from when she was a teen star.

The former "Doctor Who" star found fame as a teenage pop singer and admits the program, which chronicles Britney Spears' rise to stardom as a teenager, and her subsequent breakdown, resonated deeply with her.

Billie, who had a U.K. number one single when she was just 15, tells i newspaper, "I had to turn it off, if I'm honest. There are so many things in there that I found upsetting."

The actress admits the documentary made her reassess the amount of control she had throughout her music career.

"I thought I had a lot because I'd get to choose my outfits and my dancers and I would be coming in with ideas for my choreographer," she adds. "Creative input is very different to the overview. I had little to no agency at that time in my life..."

"I saw a lot of adults behaving badly," she continues recalling. "Just things they would talk about, jokes they would make... things they would say to you as a guy to a girl. Just totally inappropriate."

In late April, Billie has opened up why she could relate to Britney. During a chat on Fearne Cotton's "Happy Place" podcast, the "Day & Night" singer spilled, "I don't know anyone who worked as hard as I did at 15. It was a combination of burnout, the trauma of becoming really famous, being disconnected with my family, a lack of control in my life - hence the eating disorder."

"I also felt I was a teenager and changing emotionally and psychologically so much," the 38-year-old went on looking back at her own struggles. "When I think of the life I lived as a child, with an 18-hour working day and never seeing my family, I see how it negatively impacted my life."

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