Katy Perry Regrets Being So Obsessed With Boys When She Was Young

The 'Electric' singer wishes she wasn't so obsessed with the opposite sex when she was young and would love to tell her younger self to stop worrying about boys.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry would love to go back in time and give her boy-crazy younger self some sage advice.

The pop star, who revisits her teenage years in her new "Electric" video, insists she has few regrets in life, but she would have liked her early life to have been less about the opposite sex.

"I stumbled, I fell, I made mistakes," Katy tells PopSugar. "I learned from all of it. But I was pretty boy crazy. I think I was always searching for real love and true love."

Asked what she would tell her younger self if she could hop in a time machine, Katy said, "Lose some time to be emotional about the boys..."

"I'd say, 'Don't worry, keep swinging, make mistakes. Don't read the comments. Don't scroll down on the comments, and know how to separate real life from internet life. And boys aren't mature until they're 35, at least.' "

The singer/songwriter now has her own family with fiance Orlando Bloom. She welcomed her first child in 2020.

She described giving birth as "the greatest gift of all." She also credited her husband-to-be, who shares son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, for helping support her in terms of balancing a busy work life and her newborn daughter.

"I have an incredible fiance who has done this before. He has a 10-year-old son," she explained. "So he's been amazing, and we're so in love and we're so grateful."

In another interview, she explained how motherhood changed her life, "I think that you realise that when you become a mother... you just have to focus on being a mom. And it's not because you don't love other people, it's not because of anything besides you just want to be a great mom."

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