Tiffany Haddish Thinks This Would Happen If Parenting Classes Are Added to School Curriculums

The 'Girls Trip' actress, who is planning to become an adoptive mother, admits the online sessions she had taken have really opened her eyes to the pitfalls of motherhood.

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish has urged educators to add parenting classes to school curriculums, so kids can learn what it takes to become a good mum and dad.

The actress and comedienne is currently taking online parent classes in her bid to become an adoptive mum, and she admits the sessions have really opened her eyes to the pitfalls of motherhood.

And Tiffany believes if more children were taught about the values of parenting, there would be less children in foster care.

"If they made parent class a requirement at school... maybe there wouldn't be so many kids without parents," the "Girls Trip" star tells Access Daily. "Maybe there wouldn't be so many people having children [who are] not ready to have children, because they would understand the enormity of having a kid."

"The fact that I want to go and adopt a kid and I have to spend 40 hours learning about being a parent, but if I got a fifth of Hennessy [cognac] and laid up on some corner somewhere with some random guy and got pregnant - go ahead, be a parent [sic]. No training wheels necessary. It makes no sense to me."

"If you find out you're pregnant, you should have to take a 40-hour class... What about how to feed it [baby]? What about how to talk and communicate with it? What about how to teach it? What about just ethics?"

Haddish, who grew up in foster care, also revealed she initially wanted to foster and then adopt but her "representation" have advised her she's "at this level in life" she cannot take in kids - but she can adopt.

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