Kylie Jenner Granted Restraining Order Against Kendall's Naked Trespasser

The restraining order against the guy who shows up uninvited and took a skinny dipping in Kendall Janner's pool has been extended to her younger sister Kylie.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Jenner has been granted protection from the guy who was told to stay away from her sister Kendall last week.

Shaquan King took a naked dip in Kendall's pool and was arrested after trying to get into her home, and now her court-ordered protection has been extended to her sister and mum, Kris Jenner.

King allegedly headed straight for Kylie's compound last month (Mar21) after he was released from jail, where he was held for six hours for trespassing at Kendall's home.

Kylie phoned in to Friday's (30Apr21) court hearing and told the judge that King's alleged criminal background makes her fear for her life and her daughter's, according to TMZ.

Her lawyers requested a five-year restraining order, but the judge granted it for three.

Besides Shaquan King, Kendall Jenner has another male stalker. She was granted a five-year restraining order against a man named Malik Bowker.

The man allegedly traveled across the country to shoot her. According to court filings, Kendall learned about Malik's sinister plot from an LAPD detective. The detective said Malik planned to buy an illegal firearm to finish her before turning the gun on himself.

The documents also reportedly unraveled his alleged criminal history, detailing that he had been busted for kidnapping. He also reportedly stored Kendall's photos on his social media pages that led to the 25-year-old beauty fearing for her own safety.

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