Speaking about his country band's scrapped 'Farewell Life Is a Highway Tour' due to COVID-19, Jay DeMarcus admits it's been so hard on them since they did not get to say goodbye with their fans.

AceShowbiz - Rascal Flatts are reconsidering their farewell tour, revealing the pandemic may have actually kept them together.

The trio was forced to scrap its "Farewell Life Is a Highway Tour" when COVID-19 hit and shut down venues and festivals throughout 2020 and into 2021, and Rascal Flatts have yet to reschedule the dates.

"It sucked, let's be honest about it," Jay DeMarcus tells Taste of Country Nights. "It's been so hard to know that it was stripped away from us, and we didn't get to go out on our terms, and we didn't get to say goodbye and celebrate with our wonderful fan base. It's been a hard thing."

He jokes, "[Some people have] blamed us for the pandemic, because as soon as we announced our farewell tour, the world blew up. So some people are like, 'All you have to do is say you're not going to retire and the world will go back to normal'. I wish that were the case."

But Jay admits the lockdown gave him and his bandmates time to reflect on their plans.

"The way this year's gone... it puts a lot of things in perspective, and really makes you take stock of things that are really, really important to you and the things that you just thought were important to you," he says. "I think all of us are at this place right now to where it might not even be a farewell tour - who knows? We may feel compelled enough to go back out and do the music."

"I'm just speaking theoretically, but... 10, 15 shows a year, enjoy our Rascal Flatts music along with the other things we have going on in our lives?"

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