Marvel Developing 'Captain America 4' With 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Showrunner
Marvel Studios

No cast or plotline is announced, but the story will likely continue the question of who is entitled to carry Captain America's shield following Steve Rogers' retirement.

AceShowbiz - Captain America's lore isn't going to end just yet in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Chris Evans has bid his farewell to the character in "Avengers: Endgame", Marvel is still very much keen on continuing the story about his potential successor.

With fans' equal interest in the idea, the studio is now reportedly developing "Captain America 4". The project is in the works with "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" showrunner Malcolm Spellman as the screenwriter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Spellman, whose notable works also include writing a number of "Empire" episodes, will write the script of the upcoming movie with Dalan Musson, a staff writer on the Disney+ series starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

No official castings and plotline are announced for the project just yet, but the story will likely continue the question of who is entitled to carry the shield or be the new Captain America. At the end of "Avengers: Endgame", Steve passed on his shield to Mackie's Sam Wilson, who is currently one of the central characters on "Falcon and the Winter Soldier".

However, Sam has never picked up Captain America's name and continues to use the Falcon moniker on the series as he is questioning how "a black man [can] represent a country that does not represent him" and the series explores how the shield becomes a burden for him. In the last episode of the series, Sam eventually takes up the shield.

There's no word on whether Evans will return for the fourth movie and no director is attached to the project just yet. Back in January, the 39-year-old hunk laughed off speculation of his return as Captain America, responding to the reports by tweeting it was "news to me."

His claim was echoed by Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige in March. "I rarely answer no to anything anymore because things are always surprising me with what happens, but that rumor, I think, was dispelled rather quickly by the man himself," he told Entertainment Weekly.

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