Action Bronson Says DMX's Song Helped Wife During Labor

The 'Untitled Action Bronson Show' host shares how the late rapper's song assisted her wife during her 18-hour labor, saying that no song was working until 'Stop, Drop' was played.

AceShowbiz - Action Bronson owned DMX a big favor. In a recent interview, the host of "Untitled Action Bronson Show" opened up about how a 1998 song by the late rapper helped his wife during her 18-hour labor.

When appearing on "The Joe Rogan Experience", the 37-year-old rapper remembered DMX in the most unforgettable way. He told host Joe Rogan that his wife was in labor for 18 hours when giving birth to their child. At that time, they tried different instruments to assist her. He recalled having Peruvian flute music being played for 17 hours straight.

When nothing seemed to be working, Bronson turned to DMX's music. "I played DMX. 'stop, drop,' That motherf****r jumped out of her! I swear on everything, it's on camera," he recounted the special moment. "DMX came on, he heard the [barking] and he jumped out." He went on to say that he wished he could have told X that story.

During the talk, Bronson also revealed how the COVID-19 quarantine had helped him refocus in his happiness. "It was a long time coming I'm happy that it happened now … If it didn't happen, I would have been in the grave," he stated.

His memory about DMX aside, Bronson made headline for successfully losing more than 130 pounds. He said that baseball star C.C. Sabathia helped him get motivated during his early morning "torture chamber" workouts. Both him and the former New York Yankees pitcher endured the killer exercise routines with trainer Dave Paladino.

"I like to get the work done before everyone wakes up," Bronson said in the last episode of his online cooking and lifestyle show, "F**k That's Delicious". He added, "At 6 A.M., we're already in the gym, ready to go, going hard as we can f**king possibly go."

Sabathia himself said that he was the one who invited Bronson to New Jersey's Impact Zone gym. He said, "I saw him, he was losing weight, and I was like, 'Yo, I got the gym for you,' because we had talked about it."

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